White roofs, cool coated roof is a potential passive climate cooler solution .

Heat reflectiveness Edit

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducted an economic analysis of the costs and benefits of white, black and green roofs and found that white roofs are far superior in fighting climate change than the other two. While roofs painted black absorb heat and contribute to the urban heat island effect, white roofs reflect the sunlight back into the atmosphere and help cool down its lower parts. The study advises those concerned with global climate change to choose white roofs, adding to a host of other studies in the past decade that have allowed the “white roof movement” to gain momentum across the United States.

White roofs decrease the temperature difference half a mile above ground-a difference which drives cloud formation.

White roofs, cool city

White roofs, cool city

Bermuda-style stepped white roofs Edit

Across the Bermuda islands, the pastel-painted houses all share a distinctive white, stepped roof style. The original reason for the special shaped roofs is relatively simple: with no permanent fresh streams or lakes on the islands, early settlers had to rely entirely on rainfall for their water source. To ensure that none of the region's rainfall was wasted, builders developed the stepped roofs as a way to slow down heavy rain and prevent the building's gutters being overwhelmed. Being constructed of limestone, the roofs were also heavy enough to resist hurricanes, and the white color reflected UV light from the sun, which helped to purify the water.

The technique was later written into Bermuda law. Every new house in Bermuda is now designed for a certain level of self-sufficiency, as each one must have 8 gallons (36 liters) of tank space per square foot (0.1 square meters) of roof area to store water.

White Roofing Systems in USA Edit

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