The current unsustainable system is sustained by personal and systemic habit. Breaking any habit - breaking out of its inertia - requires motivation. It helps to have supportive, enabling systems in place, but motivational systems will be required for the necessary mass shift to new attitudes and behaviors what is summerized as human values.

Motivation can come in many forms, and different approaches work for different people. Often the presence of multiple motivational approaches - e.g., a carrot and a stick - creates a synergy that speeds the adoption of desired behaviors.

The more consciously, intelligently and elegantly we can design gently powerful, invitational motivational systems, the less we will need to depend on crises and suffering to force oppressive changes in individual behavior against stubborn resistance - or to depend on the dangerously painful and messy process natural selection (through the death of whole populations and cultures that do not behave sustainably, which often involves, as well, those around them). Increasing people's awareness (through education or spiritual awakening), inspiring and challenging them, giving them pleasure, fun, status and other rewards for behaviors that support the health of the commons, while making it harder or less pleasant to engage in harmful activities - even influencing their thoughts, feelings and behaviors at an unconscious level through PR and other means - are far preferable to the painful consequences that will naturally befall us all if we do not shift together into a more sustainable way of life.

Awareness Motivations

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